March 15, 2020


We are considering the safety of our employees, their families, the businesses we service,
and the end consumers in our emergency measures.

As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread and emergency measures are being implemented worldwide, our Fulfyld family would like to give our clients and stakeholders an update on the measures being taken internally to ensure your family’s safety. We are considering the safety of our employees, their families, the businesses we service, and the end consumers in our emergency measures. With our employees being our #1 priority, we also are aiming to maintain uninterrupted service to each of our client’s accounts through this national emergency.  

We have not been personally impacted by this virus, and we are taking measures to ensure all employees are disinfecting their work areas, washing hands during any possible interval, utilizing proper safe handling procedures, and mandating headquarters employees to work from home when possible.   

As mentioned, at this time we are still fully operational and there are no immediate threats to our daily operations. Fulfyld is committed to ensuring our client’s operations are fully functional during the COVID-19 outbreak. While we are planning to stay fully operational during this time, we are also preparing a plan to limit the impact on our employees, on our clients, and on our client’s consumers. All stakeholders will be notified promptly if emergency measures are activated. 


For our current clients: 

We recommend you release a statement to your customers and add a disclaimer on your sales platforms updating them on possible delays in affected areas. While we are still planning on maintaining our same level of service, if we are required to take safety measures, we wouldn’t want it to be a shock to your operations and your customers. Please continue to work directly with your assigned Account Manager for day-to-day updates on our operations.  


For our employees: 

We are monitoring the CDC’s reporting on a daily basis and will take drastic measures if required. We have stocked up on cleaning supplies, sanitizer with more than 70% alcohol by volume, and a backup supply of antibacterial hand soap. As mentioned by your direct supervisor, all employees are required to wash their hands between handling of customer’s products and before and after all break and lunch periods. All surfaces will be wiped down multiple times a day until further notice. We will not be hosting any conference meetings or events with a large gathering of people. Finally, all client visits are suspended until further notice. All employees that have traveled (domestically or internationally) will be temporarily suspended until further notice. All employees working from the headquarters office have the option to work from home when possible. 


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