Crowdfunding Campaign Fulfillment

Product fulfillment upon completion of crowdfunding campaign

Oftentimes, when deciding to launch a new product, you may consider a crowdfunding campaign. Prospective customers make monetary pledges that serve to fund the project and reserve a product for themselves.

Many great businesses get their start through crowdfunding campaigns. These campaigns allow you to assess the market desire for a product and receive the funding necessary to create the product.

As one of the best e-commerce fulfillment companies, we understand that launching a new business or product will take a lot of hard work. That’s why we assist in crowdfunding campaign fulfillment for businesses like yours. We’ll make sure each person who pledges to buy your product will receive it when the campaign is successfully complete through our order fulfillment services.

So while you’re launching your start-up or testing the market for a new product idea, you can keep your focus on branding and product launch. We’ll take care of the e-commerce fulfillment service.

Your Business is Our Business

Ecommerce Focused

Unlike many of our 3PL competitors, we have been and will continue to be focused solely on e-commerce.


Fulfyld integrates directly with e-commerce marketplaces and shopping carts to simplify your shipping process.

Simple Pricing

Our model is simple: we make money as you make money. The more packages you ship per month, the less you pay per package. We don’t charge hidden fees or per shipping zone. 


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Pricing Comparison Tool

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Fulfyld knows Fulfillment

Beyond just product shipping and inventory storage, Fulfyld has even more fulfillment services to offer than your typical order fulfillment company.

Here at Fulfyld, we don’t think e-commerce fulfillment should be rocket science. By minimizing our overheads and adhering to best-in-class processes, we’re able to provide your company with flat-rate pricing on our order fulfillment services.


Fulfyld can assist with any Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) prep. We’ll pull labels from your Amazon Seller Central store, and prepare products according to the Amazon’s FBA program standards. We will also bundle and kit your products as needed.


Say you need help sourcing a product. Or maybe you need to identify a manufacturer for your product. We’ve got connections across the globe for all these needs and more. When you join Fulfyld, you’ll also have access to a network of affordable, reliable manufacturers and product designers.


A big part of subscription box fulfillment is making sure customers receive different boxes with unique products every time. We track which kits have been sent so you don’t have to. And don’t worry about kitting and assembly for order fulfillment ever again. We’ll put each box together for you.


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