March 15, 2021

How to Automate Ecommerce Order Fulfillment

Sierra Jackson

In the world of ecommerce, speed is the name of the game. Consumers have fallen in love with the fact that big retailers are able to ship their packages in such a quick timespan, that two days or less has now become their new expectation. As an ecommerce business owner, you may be wondering: how in the world can my company keep up with that?

I believe I have the answer for you: automated fulfillment.  

When you hear the words “automated fulfillment,” you may be thinking of big robots and such. That’s not exactly what we mean. Automating your ecommerce order fulfillment process simply means that you are implementing specific procedures to simplify the way you fulfill and ship your company’s orders. Automating processes and streamlining certain tasks such as shipping label creation, order tracking and more, can save time, save money, improve your efficiency and ultimately satisfy your customers.

Discover the benefits of automating your fulfillment process and how doing so can help your business:

Benefits of Automated Fulfillment

The benefits of automating your ecommerce order fulfillment are immeasurable. While it is possible to automate fulfillment on your own terms to an extent, we recommend automating your order fulfillment with a top fulfillment provider. Reason being, you will save much more time and money, while dually selling more. Your business would be able to scale at a faster rate with an experienced fulfillment provider versus self-fulfillment. Though you would be putting your fulfillment process into the hands of your 3PL provider, you’ll also free up lots of time to do other things like concentrate on marketing and advertising strategies to continue to grow and scale your business.  

Finding a fulfillment partner that is right for your business is an essential key to successfully automating your fulfillment process. A trustworthy, reliable ecommerce fulfillment provider like Fulfyld will take the challenge of order fulfillment off of your hands completely, so that you can focus on other tasks.

Here are some benefits to automating your ecommerce order fulfillment:

  • Simplifies tasks while saving time and money: I’m sure you’ve seen the swoon-worthy photos on social media of ecommerce store owners up to their earlobes in packages, right? Well, those packages can soon become a big headache for store owners as they are tasked with spending the bulk of their time packing those orders. In addition, shipping costs tend to be more expensive with self-fulfillment because most store owners aren’t able to negotiate the best shipping rates, discounts and shipping options that fulfillment providers can.

By automating your order fulfillment, you reduce the amount of manpower that would otherwise be required. As mentioned above, you free up the time you once spent packing orders, to focus on more substantial tasks. You save money by leveraging the negotiated shipping rates of your fulfillment provider and also by eliminating the hidden costs that come with self-fulfillment like human error inefficiencies, lengthy shipping times, and the costs of packing materials and supplies.

  • Increases efficiency and speed: Automation allows you to eliminate repetitive steps in your fulfillment process that you would normally do manually and let technology to perform these tasks for you at a much faster speed. For example, manually creating, printing and taping shipping labels onto each package yourself in addition to picking and packing your orders would take forever. By streamlining this process (and others) your orders can be fulfilled faster and delivered to your customers quicker.
  •  Quicker shipping and delivery time: Speed is important to your customers. Because retail giants are now able to get their packages to customers in two days or less, this has become the new shipping standard. Without the right technology and manpower, it can be quite difficult to provide and achieve such a service. By automating your fulfillment with a leading fulfillment provider like Fulfyld, you are now able to give your customers the best shipping experience possible.

Fulfyld offers same-day order fulfillment and 2-day guaranteed shipping services. In two days flat, your customers can expect to see your product on their doorstep, guaranteed. This keeps your customers satisfied and never having to experience any frustrating delays that can occur when ordering online.

  • Decreases manual errors: Automated shipping decreases human errors and the need to manually enter data for certain tasks. At Fulfyld, our software automatically updates your order and tracking information in real-time, making it much simpler to inform your customers of their shipment status.

Things to consider for successful order fulfillment

The key is not just automating your order fulfillment but implementing successful order fulfillment. Before this can happen, certain factors need to be considered:

  • Assess your current fulfillment process: By assessing your current fulfillment process, this allows you to determine what is currently working, what is not, and which areas desperately need to be automated. By highlighting what is working and also where your process may need more support, this will help decide exactly what services you need when it’s time to automate your fulfillment.
  • Determine whether your ecommerce platform can easily integrate: During this process, its important to ask lots of questions so that you’re sure of the services you’ll be receiving from your fulfillment provider. Can your current ecommerce platform easily integrate with their software? Seeing that this is one of if not the biggest determining factor for automation, it’s important to know because if the fulfillment center can’t access your orders, they can’t pack and ship them to your customers.

Fulfyld’s software can seamlessly integrate with any store, shopping cart or marketplace. Orders and tracking automatically (there goes that word again) update.

  • Sustainable growth and scalability: It’s easy to get excited when you see tremendous growth in your company that you’ve never seen before. However, be sure to ask yourself if this current growth can be sustained over time or is it occasional?

Acknowledge if your growth is consistent and whether the increase is coming from some sort of promotion or seasonal surge. If your growth proves to be sustainable, this is probably a sign that it’s time to automate your fulfillment for increased efficiency. Additionally, be sure to select a top fulfillment provider that is able to help you scale easily as you grow, with no hiccups or delays in your supply chain.

  • Cost considerations: Taking into account the costs of automating your services is vital. Clarify the prices of your desired fulfillment partner and inquire about exactly what is given with their services. Sometimes, fulfillment providers discreetly incorporate hidden fees within your pricing. At Fulfyld, we have very transparent pricing and no hidden fees—ever.

How Fulfyld can help you automate your fulfillment process

Fulfyld is a top ecommerce fulfillment focused 3PL business. We provide several unique ecommerce fulfillment services for every step of the supply chain from order automation and tracking to picking, packing and shipping. We get ship done the right way.

There are several ways that Fulfyld can help successfully automate your fulfillment process:

  • Warehouse Management Technology: Our powerful warehouse management system easily manages, controls and tracks your inventory. This helps locate different SKUs, provides real-time tracking, sends reorder alerts that automatically notify you when your stock levels are low, and more.
  • Picking and Packing: Fulfyld streamlines your entire fulfillment process from the integration of your store to shipping out your orders. In a nutshell, as soon as a customer orders from your store, our fulfillment experts immediately start fulfilling your orders. We add inserts, marketing materials or anything else you’ve requested, then neatly pack the orders to be shipped off quickly.
  • Speedy, accurate shipping: It’s one thing to ship orders quickly, but it’s another thing to ship the right orders quickly. Our aim is to get the right customers the right products, in or before the intended time. By providing speedy, accurate shipping with our 2-day guaranteed shipping service, your customers are able to receive their orders without experiencing any annoying delays or setbacks.  
  • Relevant reports, forecasting and analytics: At Fulfyld, we provide detailed inventory reports and analytics to determine several insights as it pertains to your products. These insights range from the status of your inventory levels, which products are doing the best, trends in sales plus more. This helps you figure out how to specifically market your products and tailor it in a way that speaks directly to your customers.  

Learn more

Again, automated order fulfillment doesn’t have to be intimidating or daunting. Fulfyld provides unique and cost-effective fulfillment services that will cater to the needs of your business. Contact us today to better automate your fulfillment process and regain some of your time.  


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