April 21, 2022

How to Pick the Best Fulfillment Service for Your eCommerce Company

Kelsey Huber

Most entrepreneurs don’t have a problem creating products and getting ideas. You have something that everyone needs, which is why you did all the work to produce it. However, that doesn’t matter if you don’t safely get it to your customers on time. That’s why a fulfillment service is crucial for an eCommerce company like yours.

When you make the right choice, the fulfillment partner contributes significantly to your brand’s success. However, if you don’t choose correctly, it might ruin the customer’s experience and prevent you from gaining repeat clients.

There are plenty of fulfillment companies available, so how do you select the best one?


Things to Consider for a Fulfillment Service

You should always research your options to make sure you find the best fulfillment partner. Though you can use any company, it must be the right one. Here are a few things to consider when selecting a fulfillment service for your online brand:

Shipping Speed

Most people don’t like to wait for weeks to get their products now that they’ve experienced the beauty of Amazon Prime. Those two-day deliveries are the new normal, so modern customers expect all brands to offer faster shipping speeds for the same price.

How can you align your brand with those evolving expectations? The easiest way is to work with the best order fulfillment company; it delivers them quickly, and you have no issues.

If you don’t deliver quickly, you’re likely to lose revenue from consumers. Most people claim they have abandoned at least one online purchase because they were shown slow delivery times.

The best fulfillment services use effective and efficient fulfillment processes, so they can get your items to the customers faster. That’s possible because they’ve got simplified software to assist and strategically placed warehouses available.

Fulfillment Warehouse Locations

Clearly, customers expect quicker shipping speeds. One important component of that is how close the fulfillment warehouse is to that particular customer.

It makes more sense to have these centers closer to the end customer! Your products travel a shorter distance to get to them, so there are quicker shipping timelines. Plus, it lowers your shipping costs.

When you choose fulfillment services, it’s crucial to know where those fulfillment warehouses are located. For instance, one fulfillment company might have a handful of warehouses, so it can’t deliver at the speeds your customers want. If you work with it, you hurt the user’s experience.

Overall, you should ensure that your fulfillment partner offers warehouses in major cities so that customers get their items faster.

If you’re also selling products globally, you should ensure that your fulfillment services provide worldwide shipping before you agree to work with the company. It makes no sense to choose a brand that can’t ship the products to the customers, regardless of where they’re located!

Visibility and Transparency

So many companies sell similar products online, and consumers find it hard to determine which ones they should buy. It’s overwhelming at times!

Therefore, when a customer finds a brand that feels trustworthy, they stick with it for the long term. You have to figure out how to build trust with your customers, and transparency is a crucial factor.

Roughly 56 percent of consumers said that they could be loyal to a company for their lifetime if it offered full transparency. About 81 percent claimed they might be willing to try the entire product line of the brand if they were comfortable with the transparency level.

The fulfillment process is crucial for transparency. About 88 percent of consumers prefer the ability to track their shipments in real-time. Plus, 69 percent have said they’re unlikely to shop with retailers in the future if the purchase wasn’t delivered in two days (or within two extra days of the promised date).

In a sense, you promise these people that you can deliver on time. If you can’t do so, you shouldn’t guarantee that.

For example, your website might promise two-day shipping, but you realize that the fulfillment service can’t meet the deadline. There’s a very good chance that your buyer doesn’t use your company in the future; you’ve lost a return customer!

Generally, that happens when it’s the first experience for a customer. They’re new to your brand, checking you out, and find you didn’t deliver on your promise. In a sense, you failed to build trust with them.

It’s crucial to choose a fulfillment company that offers full visibility into its fulfillment process. That way, you know it’s reliable, and you can trust it to be accountable.

Order Fulfillment Software – Best Features

You’ve got so much happening as an eCommerce company owner. In fact, you’re probably using many applications, digital tools, and platforms throughout the day. The last thing you need is to add another software that’s disorganized, slow, and hard to figure out.

While you must research each fulfillment company you might want to work with, you should also focus on the software it uses.

Different fulfillment services use various order fulfillment software. Each one has its own capabilities and features. Therefore, you should understand your goals and needs, selecting a partner that leverages the software in a way that benefits you both.

Overall, the brand’s fulfillment software should be easy to implement because people must use it multiple times a day. If it seamlessly integrates with other business apps and platforms you currently use, that company gets extra points.

Branding Options

There are millions of online businesses competing for a customer’s attention, so your brand must stand out. It doesn’t help the matter if you’re sending purchased products in boring, generic brown boxes. In a sense, you’re creating an impersonal and disengaged customer experience.

If you choose an order fulfillment company that offers branding options, you can build your brand and generate buzz for your eCommerce store!

Why is that valuable? Modern customers engage with brands that personalize the entire experience. When they receive an exciting, fun, and tailored UX, they’re delighted enough to purchase more from you.

The bottom line here is that almost all digital companies invest in personalization. It’s a top priority for many brands because customers want and expect that. The fulfillment service you choose should provide different branding, colors, and logos for the packages.

Packaging Options

Packaging and branding go hand-in-hand. Therefore, you need a fulfillment company with various package options, depending on the products you’re shipping. Every box isn’t equal, so you should ensure that you can pick the ones you like most. Having choices may also reduce product damage and all the rest.

Generally, what’s on the inside is the most important aspect. Therefore, the insulation or packing materials are crucial. Most fulfillment services offer foam rolls, corrugated paper, Styrofoam peanuts, bubble wrap, air pillows, or shredded paper. Just make sure you make the final decision.


There are bound to be initial upfront costs when outsourcing fulfillment needs to a third-party provider. However, you should ultimately save money on packing supplies, overhead, and labor. Just make sure that your fulfillment center offers the best deal.

Since you’re paying for fulfillment, the company shouldn’t charge for long-term storage. That’s what the warehouse is for.

Generally, fulfillment centers get better rates from shipping companies than eCommerce retailers can. Therefore, they should pass the savings to you!

Data Tracking

You can’t scale your business if you don’t have appropriate metrics. A fulfillment service helps you capitalize on specific areas and create solutions to prevent inefficiency with data tracking. Overall, you may check inventory levels for products, get real-time tracking for customer orders, and enjoy analytics that provides insight into trends about product purchases.

Order Accuracy

It doesn’t help you when a customer complains about not receiving what they ordered. The fulfillment service you choose should always be accurate with orders, checking and double-checking each one to ensure that everything is there and ready to ship.

Returns Management

Your fulfillment company shouldn’t be hands-off after shipping the products. Roughly 30 percent of all online orders are returned. Some of them are out of your control, such as when the customer doesn’t like the product. Others happen because of some form of damage.

However, reputable fulfillment services work with you to mitigate those controllable returns through returns management. Sometimes, better forward logistics can reduce or eliminate these issues.

The software the fulfillment company uses should help you identify those “serial returners.” These people repeatedly buy products and immediately send them back.

When you determine who they are, you may not send promotional materials when having a sale. You may even consider sending them follow-up emails after the purchase showing testimonials from satisfied customers. They have more confidence in what they’ve bought, and you might reduce the number of returns from them in the future.



Experience Excellent Fulfillment Services from Fulfyld

With so many fulfillment services available, it’s hard to stay competitive in the online market. Order fulfillment should be just as fast as everything else. Fulfyld has changed the way fulfillment gets handled with its personalized approach. With it, you get:

  • RELIABLE SHIPPING – Fulfyld offers efficient, dependable shipping and includes global order fulfillment options. If you require expedited shipping, that’s possible, too. In fact, it guarantees deliveries within three days (and often less!)

  • STRATEGICALLY LOCATED WAREHOUSE – Fulfyld has many fulfillment warehouses, and some of them are international. Therefore, you know that your products take the fastest possible route to get to the customers. Plus, using multiple warehouses can cut down on shipping times and reduce the zone numbers that the shipment must cross.

  • FULL VISIBILITY FOR EACH STAGE OF THE PROCESS – Fulfyld wants you to know about each stage in the fulfillment process. You may check on the status at any time, seeing information in real-time. That way, the company is accountable, and you always understand what’s happening.

  • CUSTOMIZED PACKAGING FOR BRANDING – Everyone wants to set up their fulfillment logistics quickly, and this fulfillment service helps you do that. You can design customized coupons, labels, boxes, and inserts to deliver an engaging and tailored user experience that can drive up repeat business!

  • DYNAMIC INTEGRATIONS – Fulfyld understands that you use various eCommerce platforms and applications throughout your day. That’s why it integrates with the top options.

  • UNMATCHED FLEXIBILITY – It’s easy to make last-minute changes and edits. You can even add delay information and tailor the experience to each customer, making adjustments as needed.



You’re likely skeptical of trying outsourced fulfillment services because it feels like another business is taking over. Many eCommerce brands wonder if it’s feasible to hire a 3PL company. However, you should consider if it’s possible to be without one!

Since there’s so much competition, you must provide reliable and consistent service to the customers.

Fulfyld offers upfront pricing and personalized services, so you’re not in the dark. When you sign up, you work with a dedicated account manager who handles everything. If you have questions, directly contact them so that you’re not explaining your needs to many operators.

The brand also has affordable packages and many options available. Get in touch with Fulfyld to receive a free quote!

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