Magento Fulfillment Integration for Automated Order Processing and Shipping


Introducing the Magento integration from Fulfyld – the ultimate help for order fulfillment! With Fulfyld, you won’t have to worry about manually shipping out orders from your Magento store. Thanks to Magento integration we take care of order fulfillment for you!

How Does Magento Fulfillment Integration Work?

Magento fulfillment integration syncs with Fulfyld fulfillment centers in real-time automating order processing.

We love empowering small businesses — that’s why our friendly team is here to ensure the process works perfectly for you every step of the way. Let us take care of the picking, packing, and shipping of your orders, while you get back to doing what you do best: developing amazing products!

Benefits of Using our Magento Fulfillment Services

Simple Integration

It’s super easy to integrate your Magento with Fulfyld. You can link your store with the click of a button, or your dedicated account manager can help you integrate on your behalf.

Dedicated Support Team

As a customer of Fulfyld, you are paired with a real-life account manager dedicated to your business. Throughout the on-boarding process, they work alongside you every step of the way to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Automated Magento Returns Management

Magento Returns management (or 3PL reverse logistics) can always be a hassle in e-commerce. Once you connect your Magento with Fulfyld, we will automatically send inventory updates when product is received in our warehouse helping you to stay up to date with your Magento store and returns.

Guaranteed Two-Day Shipping

Provide your customers with guaranteed 2-Day shipping options on your Magento. With Fulfyld, we let you know which customer addresses we can deliver to within two days while your customer is checking out. If enabled, your customer can then select the 2-Day shipping option at checkout.


What our customers are saying!

Customized Order Fulfillment Made Easy

Ecommerce Order Fulfillment

Here at Fulfyld, we don’t think e-commerce fulfillment should be rocket science. By minimizing our overheads and adhering to best-in-class processes, we’re able to provide your company with flat-rate pricing on our order fulfillment services.

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Contract Manufacturing and Custom Packaging

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A big part of subscription box fulfillment is making sure customers receive…

Frequently Asked Questions

Got something new?

We aim to provide a simple solution for all eCommerce businesses and their needs. Fulfyld can help you establish a unique business model and find new eCommerce opportunities to help you compete with some of the largest players in the market. 

We have a scalable approach. This means that both small and large platforms can afford our on-demand order fulfillment services and get valuable help to scale in their respective markets.

Fulfyld offers flat-rate pricing for Magento returns management and expert fulfillment services. Therefore, your shipping costs remain the same no matter how complex the process. 

We provide transparent billing without hidden fees. Your monthly shipping and Magento returns rates depend on your order volume, required storage, receiving and intake volume, and the number of online orders. Contact us directly to get an accurate quote.

Magento users love our service because we work closely with clients and build great relationships. If you have any questions, you’ll be able to reach us at any time of day. You will always receive a friendly and prompt response. We go above and beyond to ensure an excellent experience for all of our clients and their customers.

We see you as our partner and want to help you grow your business. You will always know your obligations with our transparent billing system and flat-rate pricing. Current customers welcome our competitive fees, and reliable Magento returns management! If that sounds like something you can benefit from, get in touch with us!

If you have an eCommerce store, Fulfyld is your top solution for Magento 3PL fulfillment. Meaning you won’t have to deal with multiple third-party 3PL companies to streamline your operations. All you need is Fulfyld.

Right now, companies around the globe opt for Fulfyl’d Magento returns management and fulfillment services to speed up their delivery times and streamline logistics.

Fulfyld is committed to providing a great customer experience. As a top ecommerce fulfillment company offering unique order fulfillment services, we’ll help you grow your brand and let you focus on running your business. Reach out to us today!

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