Returns Management

Returns Management

These days, reverse logistics is a vital component to your business model. Since so many shoppers are shifting towards ecommerce, you cannot afford to be in business without an effective returns management strategy. Its great that your customers enjoy purchasing your products, but what do you do when they inquire about returning an item? This is where we come in.

Several important factors need to be taken into consideration when looking at returns management companies to handle the ecommerce returns management process. At Fulfyld, the reverse logistics or returns management process is just as important as your fulfillment services. Because data in the ecommerce industry shows that 80% of returned items are not defective, we have made it our job to implement an efficient, flexible and inclusive returns management process in addition to accurately fulfilling your orders.

Whether the customer changed their mind, received the wrong color or received a defective product, each item can be returned, processed, replaced and/or repositioned in a swift, timely manner. Our returns management solutions have the capabilities to share real-time updates about each return and how they are being handled. This software includes the date, customer’s name, order number, product and notes whether the item has been restocked, can’t be resold or is damaged.

This system is very customizable, and it is totally up to the company on how they would like to deal with returns, so much so that we consider it the best returns management platform! As a Fulfyld customer, you can tell us exactly what you want to do with your product whether that’s restock it or donate it (i.e. clothes, shoes, etc.) and we will handle each return from there.

Other benefits included

There are many reasons why using a 3PL like Fulfyld will make your returns logistics so much easier. We offer secure facilities to store your products, vigorous warehouse management and order inventory software as well as transparency throughout the entire returns process so that you always know what is happening with your products.

Quality control

Our warehouse employees have the expertise to thoroughly inspect any incoming product returns and decide whether the item needs to be repackaged and restocked if necessary.

Powerful technology

We have a streamlined reverse logistics system to manage all returns and exchanges. Our software provides real-time updates to inform a customer of their return status and also create return labels, provide analytics and more.

Affordable shipping rates

We offer discounted shipping rates with major parcel and freight providers to minimize your return shipping costs and ultimately save you money.

Secure storage and warehousing

In addition to staffing and expertise, we also have the warehouse space to accommodate all return orders and swiftly put salable products back in stock.

Resources for scalability

We have the staffing and expertise to accommodate any influx or spike in return volume. If, for whatever reason, your sales happen to decrease due to unforeseen circumstances, we also have the flexibility to scale down and maintain the decrease as well.

Eliminate any staffing stress

By utilizing our operations workforce, you won’t have to worry about hiring staff to pick, pack, ship or handle returns. You won’t have to concern yourself or your company’s budget with any type of human resource duties like wages, benefits, etc. At Fulfyld we handle every step of the supply chain for you so that you can focus on more important things like marketing and building your brand.

Fulfyld is Dedicated to Your Brand's Success

It is imperative that we provide real-time technology for each company we work with so that they are very aware of what’s going on with their returns. We believe transparency and communication is key. This allows you to stay in the loop of everything on the back end so that you can thoroughly express these matters with your customers should they ever have any questions.

Our customers are our main priority. It is our goal to provide support and transparency throughout every step of the supply chain. This is why we have created a process that will never leave you or your customer in the dark not knowing what’s going on with their return. As a Fulfyld customer, you will have direct contact with our support team to check on any returns, issues or the status of an item. Our powerful inventory management software digitally organizes and updates all inventory statuses, so you’ll never have to worry about your return orders being mixed up or switched around.

If you need assistance during this process, don’t worry. We have dedicated account managers equipped with an immense amount of knowledge and expertise to walk you through every step of the process and offer limitless support.

At Fulfyld, we totally understand that great customer service and reliable fulfillment services are an essential part of your company’s growth. Hence why we strive to support you with the best fulfillment services for your company, including returns management.

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