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When it comes to order fulfillment and inventory management, the clothing industry can be very complex. Accurately and efficiently managing several different SKUs, providing fast, dependable shipping and even the returns management process can be a task. This is why a trustworthy, reliable, 3PL partner matters. As a top ecommerce fulfillment company, Fulfyld has an abundant amount of experience in apparel fulfillment, logistics and warehousing.

Rely on Us, the Apparel Fulfillment Experts

Our experienced warehousing staff knows the importance of thoroughly checking the condition and appearance of item’s packaging before shipping. 

Since we are strategically located (in the USA and Canada), we have created a reliable order fulfillment process for fashion and apparel items that is fast, reliable, and able to handle large volumes while minimizing error. 

Our 3PL clothing company strives to keep online order processing as transparent as possible by utilizing robust warehouse management software that updates customers in real-time. We also provide fastdependable shipping with same-day order fulfillment and 2-day guaranteed shipping services.

Receiving your products and thoroughly inspecting each item

Receiving your products and thoroughly inspecting each item

Organized inventory and order management

Organized inventory and order management

Kitting, repackaging and sorting

Kitting, repackaging and sorting

Order accuracy is a top priority at Fulfyld

In any industry with ever-rising market needs, accurate order fulfillment process is crucial. However, things can get complicated when working with a third-party fulfillment company, especially in the fashion industry. Fulfilling orders for your business in a precise and timely manner must be a top priority, or it could negatively impact your bottom line and, even worse, make you lose a customer. 

Ecommerce apparel warehousing partner who doesn’t have an organized supply chain is bound to fail in the fashion industry since other apparel brands, online retailers, big fashion brands, and even fashion influencers can excel at this aspect of the business. 

With a trustworthy third-party fashion fulfillment partner like Fulfyld, we take care of this entire process for you. With great inventory levels, we provide an exceptional SKU assortment strategy within our warehouse that can ultimately improve order accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Even with seasonal changes, when order volume may fluctuate, we can scale up or down without damaging order efficiency.

Reverse logistics is just as important

Let’s face it: rising order volumes can sometimes result in just as many returns. 

Sometimes customers order the wrong size, color, or style, and they want to exchange or return their orders. Having efficient reverse logistics for fashion products (returns management process) in place will save time and simplify returns entirely. It also improves customer satisfaction and helps retain the same customer base in the future because customers are more inclined to shop with businesses that have simple, decent, and cost-effective shopping and returns processes in place.

Simplifying fashion and apparel order fulfillment and returns is our goal at Fulfyld. As an apparel fulfillment center, we handle everything from storing your clothing in one our warehouses to picking, packing, and shipping out your online orders and handling the returns. 

A reliable fashion eCommerce warehouse fulfillment center that handles everything from A to Z is a key to your business’ success. This allows you to focus on growing your business. 

So, if this is the service your fashion business needs, contact us today, and you can start shipping out your clothing items, such as t-shirts and hats, in as little as 48 hours.

Labeling/ relabeling services

Labeling/ relabeling services

Repackaging for shipment

Repackaging for shipment

Careful inspection of the items

Careful inspection of the items

Restocking and sorting product back in your inventory if salable

Restocking and sorting product back in your inventory if salable

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Apparel Fulfillment

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Apparel Fulfillment

Here you can find the most frequently asked questions about our service.

What is fashion eCommerce warehousing and fulfillment?

Fashion eCommerce warehousing and fulfillment is a service when the 3PL fulfillment provider ensures that fashion items like t-shirts, hats, hoodies, shoewear, and similar items are packaged and delivered from the fulfillment provider’s warehouse to the right customer at the right time and in excellent condition.

What value-added services Fulfyld offer with its apparel and fashion warehouse fulfillment services?

Fulfyld offers dedicated account management, transparent pricing, world-class support, free shopping cart solution, marketplace integrations, and secure storage and warehousing. These are the value-added services Fulfyld apparel fulfillment services excel at.

Why is accuracy so important for apparel warehousing and fulfillment?

Accuracy is very important for all types of fashion fulfillment services since it can negatively impact your bottom line and even lose a customer. Therefore, fulfillment service should be precise, save time for customers, make order processing easy, and deliver a great customer experience.

How is inventory managed for apparel fulfillment?

Inventory is managed by an exceptional SKU assortment strategy within our warehouse, improving order accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Each SKU is given a unique location where it will remain until the product is either discounted or sold out. Each article of clothing is also given a UPC barcode to ensure the correct product is placed in the correct location. As orders are being picked in the warehouse, each location and UPC is scanned to verify that the correct item and quantity of units were picked for that order.

Sometimes, manufacturers send products faulty barcodes. Fulfyld also includes product images so that pickers in the warehouse can visually verify items as a second line of defense to ensure customers are shipped the correct clothing item.

Once all the apparel items are picked from the warehouse, the items are sent to the packing area, where each item is scanned again to ensure accuracy and is finally packed and shipped to your customer.

How are returns handled when using a fashion warehousing partner?

Returns for Fulfyld fashion fulfillment are handled by efficient reverse logistics, which improves customer satisfaction and helps retain the customers in the future.

How is seasonality managed for apparel fulfillment?
Seasonality for clothing fulfillment is the part that can make or break your business, as it’s such a crucial part of fashion. So, Fulfyld is one of the only fulfillment providers and clothing fulfillment centers that has perfected this aspect of fashion warehousing. This is possible by scaling up or down without damaging order efficiency.
What are the next steps to get started with Fulfyld fashion e-commerce fulfillment?
The first step to get started for any company in the fashion and apparel industry is to contact us, we will walk you through the onboarding process, and you will be able to ship your fashion items to our warehouse in as little as 48 hours.

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Apparel Fulfillment

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