3PL eCommerce Fulfillment Service for Brands that Want a Partner, Not a Platform

Are you looking for a streamlined 3PL eCommerce fulfillment service and warehouse center to support your brand and order fulfillment?

Fulfyld is the ultimate third-party fulfillment and warehousing partner you can rely on for a personalized approach and efficient fulfillment services.

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Third-party Fulfillment has never been easier to trust!

How Third-Party Logistics Fulfillment Works With Fulfyld

Fulfyld is a third-party fulfillment provider to automate and boost your online store operations with a personalized approach for all customers.

Seamless Integrations

Want to connect your Shopify Plus, Woocommerce, or any other online store to streamline third-party logistics? No problem! Our 3PL fulfillment software supports loads of integrations!

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Taking Care of Your Inventory

We take inventory management to the next level for your eCommerce business. Our 3PL fulfillment center will manage your goods, ship orders, maintain warehouse space, and optimize your supply chain.

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We Deliver the Goods to Your Customers

What’s third-party logistics without efficient supply chain management? We deliver orders (as fast as in 2-days) for eCommerce stores and other online businesses to the right customers every time!

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Let Us Handle Order Fulfillment So That You Can Focus On Building Your Brand

Fulfyld is a 3PL eCommerce fulfillment service focused on eCommerce businesses. We can handle everything from storage selection to packing and fulfilling orders, and you can expect seamless integration with all major eCommerce software and shopping cart platforms. Our customers get a dedicated account manager to make fulfillment for eCommerce a breeze.

Clients rely on Fulfyld’s fulfillment service for shipping their Shopify orders, Kickstarter campaigns, subscription box services, kitting, Amazon FBA prep, and more. Our seamless integrations make working with Fulfyld an extremely straightforward process, saving our customers valuable time and money.

B2B Distribution

Subscription Box Fulfillment

2-Day Guaranteed Shipping

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Prep Services

Contract Manufacturing and Custom Packaging

On-Demand Supplement Fulfillment

Health Care and Wellness FulFulfillment

Fashion and Apparel Fulfillment

Cosmetics and Beauty Fulfillment

The Benefits of Our Services

Dock-to-Stock in Two Days

Our dock-to-stock cycle time is highly efficient, and we take care of receipts, goods validation, stock updates, and storage in just two days. We are your 1-stop solution for all your 3PL fulfillment needs.

100% Secure Third-Party Fulfillment Centers

We take our client’s products seriously and don’t allow any product shrinkage, loss, or damage. Rely on us for safe and efficient third-party logistics and supply chain management.

Automated API Integration

No matter how your store is set up, our third-party eCommerce fulfillment platform can integrate with it automatically, giving you easy to order fulfillment status at a centralized location. Our logistics services are available to any online business!

Same Day Pick & Pack

Having a same-day fulfillment process is essential for any eCommerce business. You can rely on the Fulfyld to handle fulfillment and ship all your orders on the same day for all orders placed by 1PM local warehouse time. This is an excellent way to boost customer satisfaction!

Quick Returns Management

Returns happen in every business, but those that stand out from the rest are the ones that process returns quickly and give refunds right away. Fulfyld can help your business achieve speedy reverse logistics!

Dedicated Account Management

Our team provides a dedicated and personalized approach, no matter how big or small our clients might be. If you’re looking for professionals who understand your needs and offer unique solutions to deal with challenges, you’ve come to the right place.

Simple but Effective Inventory Management

Want to handle stock in real time? Our inventory management tool has your back! As an expert 3PL fulfillment company, our fulfillment centers give you viisibility by showing where your products are in real-time at any given moment.

Direct to Consumer (D2C) Fulfillment Service

By minimizing our overheads and adhering to best-in-class processes, we’re able to provide your company with flat-rate pricing on our order fulfillment services.

How it works

How to Get Started With Fulfyld For Third-party Fulfillment

Step 1:
Research and Understand Your Needs

Before diving into third-party logistics, it’s essential to understand your store’s specific needs. Whether you’re looking for 3PL storage and fulfillment or kitting and custom packaging, Fulfyld offers a range of services tailored to your requirements.

Start by assessing your inventory size, order volume, and shipping destinations to determine your brand’s needs and how a 3PL partner like Fulfyld can help.

Step 2:
Integrate with Fulfyld's 3PL eCommerce Service

Selecting the right 3PL eCommerce partner can make all the difference in streamlining your fulfillment process.

Fulfyld’s 3PL ecommerce dashboard tools are designed to offer a seamless experience, ensuring that your eCommerce platform and fulfillment processes work hand in hand.

From 3PL for B2B e-commerce companies or fulfillment for boutique online shops, our software provides the flexibility and efficiency you need!

Step 3:
Become a Fulfyld Partner

When searching for “3PL fulfillment services near me,” choosing a trusted partner is crucial. Fulfyld is a leading solution for Third-party fulfillment in the USA and Canada and is known for our reliability and expertise. With our eCommerce order fulfillment service, you can rest assured that your products are in safe hands.

Fulfyld is a 3PL fulfillment service focused on all eCommerce businesses.

Our third-party logistics services handle everything from storage selectioninventory management, and reverse logistics to optimizing shipping costs for eCommerce merchants!

Our customers get a dedicated account manager to make fulfillment for eCommerce a breeze.

Clients rely on our 3PL fulfillment capabilities for their eCommerce stores and when shipping their Shopify orders, Kickstarter campaigns, subscription box services, kitting, Amazon FBA prep, and more!

Our long list of integrations makes working with our fulfillment centers quick and easy. We ensure tailored supply chain management for your eCommerce business.

Not forgetting, we make our fulfillment process affordable for eCommerce companies! Our job is to help optimize your outsourced fulfillment, so we ensure every client receives competitive and transparent pricing, tailored to their needs.

Every eCommerce business that wants to scale needs an efficient 3PL eCommerce order fulfillment partner. If you don’t have the time to focus on your core tasks or struggle to keep with with around 500 orders per month or more, it’s a great time to outsource.

Instead of dealing with logistics and warehousing operations, outsourcing to a trusted order fulfillment partner will allow you to focus on building your brand and boosting your revenue! 

Fulfillment workflows can get complex and present significant challenges to companies that aren’t specialized in consumer fulfillment. Rather than coordinating operations between transloaders, carriers, and shippers, you can hire a third-party logistics partner to simplify this for your business.

If you do not have the expert knowledge or necessary resources to perfect your warehousing process, reach out to Fulfyld!

Investing in a fulfillment service for third-party logistics can significantly streamline your operations, reduce overheads, and enhance customer satisfaction. 

With a trusted company like Fulfyld, you can leverage the best of ecommerce fulfillment third-party logistics services, ensuring timely deliveries and efficient inventory management. 

Whether you’re looking for a 3PL dropshipping partner or seeking a comprehensive 3PL storage and fulfillment solution, Fulfyld is the answer to your needs.

Get Started with Fulfyld for Third-party Fulfillment Today!

Unlock the future of e-commerce with Fulfyld’s top-tier Third-party logistics fulfillment services. Say goodbye to logistical headaches and hello to seamless, efficient, and reliable order processing.

Let Fulfyld be the backbone of your e-commerce success. Ready to elevate your business?

Meet our Team

Fulfyld has always been an eCommerce order fulfillment business. Our team has extensive industry knowledge, enabling us to give you some of the most valuable solutions to your unique problems. 

Spencer Mundt

Chief Operating Officer

As an economics and computational analysis expert, our COO helps lead our organization through extensive business planning, analysis, and development that reflect on all of our clients.

AJ Khanijow

Founder & CEO

An experienced business analyst and business development advisor that has shaped Fulfyld’s approach towards customers and our customer-oriented approach.

Paige Fitzgerald

Sales & Implementation Coordinator

With her rich background in marketing and sales, Paige helps evaluate the current efforts of our clients. She conducts extensive industry research to help find the best solutions for our clients' businesses.

Looking for a stellar 3PL eCommerce fulfillment company?

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What our customers are saying!

Emily K. Pauli


As a start-up, we needed a 3PL partner that would grow with us and Fulfyld IS IT!!! After trying another 3PL...              

Hebron Samuel

CEO, Cubbit

“Timely and thorough replies from our account manager. Easy to use platform.”                                                                      

Ben Rauch


Excellent partner to us as we scale - highly flexible when our volumes fluctuate and transparent pricing. Extremely responsive team and amazing accounts reps. Super clean integration with Shopify. Couldn't ask for more from a logistics provider!!

Manuela Houvardas

Collonil North America

"No matter what happens whether good or bad there is always a quick resolution. We have never had a question or problem go unanswered!"

Premium Leonidas


I've been with Fulfyld for almost 1 year. Paul (my account manager) has been very helpful and cordial. The Fulfyld team has helped with the technical integrations involved with Amazon, Woocommerce and Etsy.

Emily Lease

Director of Ecom @ Hydralyte

One thing that REALLY stands out to me with FULFYD is our amazing communication with Kelsey! Other services do not offer such great 1-1 support and it is extremely helpful for us!

Calvin Gee

Raid Fitness

"Moving our order fulfillment to Fulfyld has been one of the best decisions we have made. Not only do they take care of our shipping, but they have been very instrumental in helping to organize our entire supply chain. Keep it up!"

Robbie Tharp


The team over at Fulfyld is absolutely stellar. I've explored partnering with various 3PL services in the past and it's always been a headache with unclear fees, order fulfillment hiccups, etc. With Fulfyld, their accuracy is 100%, communication is wildly on-point, Shout out to Bobby Halstead.

Amy Myers, MD


"For 2 years Fulfyld was an intricate part of our day to day operations; always willing to adjust, update and grow alongside AMMD. Their level of service and communication was key to a lot of successful product launches and promotions. Any issues were always treated as top priority and the team worked quickly to obtain and implement the best solution possible."

Jordan Caro

CEO, Alternate Route

"You guys are the best. Fast, reliable, and accomodating at every step. My account manager Alfonzo has been super responsive and helpful always. You guys really are an extension of our team."

Victoria Lamb

Plant Wave

"Every member of the Fulfyld team has been wonderful to work with. They are responsive and knowledgeable, and any question or need has been answered or solved quickly. Such a great experience!"

Wendy Ellis

Beauty Stash

"We have had such an amazing transition with the Fulfyld team and have received the best customer service. To say we are thrilled is an understatement. We feel that the team is an extension of our company. Kelsey has gone above and beyond to help learn more about our EDI systems and is willing to jump on calls with our top clients. She is so professional. Thank you, Fulfyld!"

Megan Moseley

Radicle Science

"We cannot express our appreciation enough for Fulfyld. Their commitment to precision, efficiency, and excellent communication has been instrumental in elevating our level of success. Our company operates in a non-traditional manner, and Fulfyld consistently demonstrates an exceptional willingness to adapt to our unique requirements, going the extra mile on our behalf, even in situations where errors were our own. Their partnership has become indispensable to our expansion and has truly become an invaluable asset to our team."

Julia Dennis

Standby Candle

"Paige, Brett, and Kelsey have both been so great to work with! I get the feeling that they really want to help and they have made everything so smooth. I was going into the 3PL world with no experience and am really happy with my decision to go with Fulfyld."

What is Third Party Fulfillment?

Third-party fulfillment encompasses a range of solutions, from warehousing to shipping and order tracking. An eCommerce order fulfillment company manages the storage, packing, and shipping of products on behalf of eCommerce merchants.
Third-party fulfillment works by fulfilling orders on behalf of eCommerce businesses. These services handle the storage, picking, packing, and shipping of products, streamlining the fulfillment process for businesses.
Absolutely! A reputable 3PL e-commerce fulfillment company like Fulfyld ensures secure storage and safe delivery of products, reducing the operational burden on ecommerce merchants.
There are various types, including distribution, transportation, and shipper-focused 3PLs. Each type offers a unique ecommerce fulfillment solution tailored to different business needs.
A 3PL manages various aspects of the fulfillment process for businesses, including warehousing, inventory management, packing, and shipping, allowing ecommerce merchants to focus on growth and sales.
3PL focuses on storage and shipping, 4PL oversees the entire supply chain, and dropshipping involves selling products without holding inventory. Each has its own advantages, but 3PL is often preferred by ecommerce merchants for its cost-effectiveness and streamlined fulfillment operations.
Certainly! By reducing overheads like warehousing and shipping costs, a 3PL e-commerce fulfillment service can help ecommerce merchants increase profit margins.
Yes, in this fulfillment process, products are shipped directly from the 3PL warehouse to the end customer, ensuring timely deliveries.
To utilize a third-party logistics fulfillment warehouse, businesses need to integrate their e-commerce platform with the 3PL’s system, send their inventory to the warehouse, and the 3PL handles the rest, from storage to shipping and returns.
Outsourcing involves selecting a suitable 3PL or 4PL candidate, integrating your sales platform with their system, and transferring your inventory. They then manage the fulfillment operations on your behalf.
Fulfyld prides itself on minimal shrinkage and robust packaging practices. While damages are rare, it’s best to discuss specific allowances and policies directly with Fulfyld.

Research, reviews, and referrals are key. Look for a 3PL e-commerce fulfillment company with a strong reputation, like Fulfyld, that offers tailored solutions for your business needs and each client has its own account manager to ensure excellent client satisfaction.

Strategic locations near major transport hubs or densely populated areas can reduce shipping costs and delivery times, enhancing customer satisfaction.
When you outsource your business’s orders to a fulfillment partner, they will ensure it stays organized for you! This means you can focus on optimizing other aspects of your business while your logistics partner handles your order fulfillment operations.
A fulfillment center becomes a 3PL service when it provides third-party logistics solutions, including storage, packing, shipping, and returns, on behalf of another business.
3PL encompasses a broader range of services, including transportation and warehousing, while fulfillment specifically refers to the process of storing, packing, and shipping products.
While specific delivery times depend on the 3PL and shipping locations, many 3PLs, including Fulfyld, offer expedited shipping options to meet 1-2 day delivery timelines.
To leverage a 3rd-party logistics warehouse, integrate your sales platform with the 3PL’s system, send them your inventory, and they’ll handle storage, order processing, and shipping.
Great! To proceed, simply contact us through our homepage. No matter how much knowledge you have about the fulfillment process, we will give you a tailored approach, and together, take your inventory management to the next level.

Our Most Loved Integrations

Here are the top integrations that users use to automate their fulfillment.

Fulfyld is committed to providing a great customer experience. As a top ecommerce fulfillment company offering unique order fulfillment services, we’ll help you grow your brand and let you focus on running your business. Reach out to us today!

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