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According to data from Statista, 2.14 billion people bought something online in 2021. That accounts for over 25% of the world’s population. A good returns management service helps you to process returns, satisfy consumers, and provide quality service. That’s where Fulfyld comes in!

How our Returns Process Works

Step 1

Step 1

Our 3PL return warehouse seamlessly integrates with your existing supply chain, fully understanding your return needs to ensure optimal functioning.

Step 2

Step 2

We improve your returns process, consolidating online sales returns, and ensuring quick, easy and accurate processing to reduce disruptions in your operations.

Step 3

Step 3

Fulfyld utilises state-of-the-art technology and intelligent systems to manage returns efficiently. This includes tracking, inspecting, restocking, and managing all returns.

Step 4

Step 4

We regularly analyze return data to identify trends and make proactive changes. This continuous improvement model ensures your return process enhances customer satisfaction.

Advantages of Fulfyld’s Reverse Logistics Services

Quality control

Quality control

Our warehouse employees have the expertise to thoroughly inspect any incoming product returns and decide whether the item needs to be repackaged and restocked if necessary.

Powerful technology

Powerful technology

We have a streamlined reverse logistics system to manage all returns and exchanges. Our software provides real-time updates to inform a customer of their return details.

Affordable shipping rates

Affordable shipping rates

We offer discounted shipping rates with the major parcel and freight providers to speed up delivery and minimize your return shipping costs.

Secure storage and warehousing

Secure storage and warehousing

In addition to staffing and expertise, we also have the warehouse space to accommodate all return orders. We lead the way in helping companies put salable products back in stock!

Resources for scalability

Resources for scalability

We have the staffing and expertise to accommodate any influx or spike in return volume. If your sales decrease due to unforeseen circumstances, we can scale down too.

Eliminate any staffing stress

Eliminate any staffing stress

By utilizing our operations workforce, you won’t have to worry about hiring staff to pick, pack, ship, or handle returned items.

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Why Choose Fulfyld to Optimize Your Returns Management Services

Leverage the power of our high-tech real-time technology to effortlessly track online sales and manage product returns. 

Our commitment to transparency and robust communication underscores our quality services, leading to refined processes, enhanced services, and unparalleled value for your brand.

In addition, we offer support throughout the supply chain to design returns processes that heighten customer satisfaction, and at Fulfyld, we pledge to be there at every step. 

Further, our dedicated account management ensures you have consistent access to expertise in our services and return processing systems, making your experience with us seamless and efficient.


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How to Get Started with Fulfyld For Returns Process

Contact Fulfyld

Contact Fulfyld

Get in touch with us to learn how our 3PL return warehouse can optimize your supply chain and streamline your returns process.
Discuss Your Needs

Discuss Your Needs

Share your business requirements and let’s explore how Fulfyld’s 3PL returns management solutions can solve your unique reverse logistics challenges.

Implement Customized Solutions

Implement Customized Solutions

We’ll develop a customized solution for your fulfillment center returns, ensuring a smooth and efficient process that meets your needs and delights your customers.

Monitor and Improve

Monitor and Improve

Track your returns with our user-friendly interface and leverage our data insights to continually improve your reverse logistics process. Get started with Fulfyld today!

How Much Does Fulfyld’s Reverse Logistics Service Cost?

We provide complete transparency in our pricing, allowing you to budget appropriately so you can offer quality product exchange services to clients. The price you pay depends on the services you require. Fulfyld offers several returns management services for you to choose from. If you are interested in our high-tech returns management solutions – simply request detailed pricing and you will get an exact quote and learn more about the value of Fulfyld’s services.

What Reverse Logistics Options Do We Offer?

We offer six options when customers send a product back to you. So, e-commerce businesses like yours have several options to improve their returns management process:

Option 1

Your customer will get an instant refund of the original payment direct to their bank account.

Option 2

You can give your customers a store credit to buy other products from your online store.

Option 3

Give the customer the option to keep a product that is damaged or unsellable.

Option 4

Offer the chance to ship the item back to you later while the customer still gets instant store credit.

Option 5

Give the option to donate returned items at designated drop-off locations.

Simplify Your Returns Management Service Today with Fulfyld!

Are you ready to transform how you process returns and boost your customer satisfaction? Our dedicated team at Fulfyld is excited to partner with you, implementing top-tier reverse logistics solutions that seamlessly integrate into your supply chain. Don’t Wait, Elevate Your Returns Process Now! Get started today by calling or emailing us. Choose Fulfyld, choose excellence. Contact us today!


Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about what returns processing is, how it works, and what we do to integrate Fulfyld into your existing systems. 

Here you will find answers to any unanswered questions.

What is the returns management process?

The returns management process relates to how your company handles product returns. Think of it as the steps you take to process returned products to determine if they need to be disposed of or placed back into inventory.

A good process also creates value for customers by enhancing the returns service you provide.

What is the importance of returns management?

Optimized returns management helps with everything from inventory management to keeping the customers of your eCommerce business happy.

It helps you reduce costs related to returns processes, in addition to helping you handle the logistics of returns much more easily. Returns processes also help with tracking the flow of products within your company.

How is returns management different from reverse logistics?

Returns management is a key component of reverse logistics, though the terms aren’t synonyms. Reverse logistics is a supply chain system that covers how products move from the customer and back to the manufacturer.

Returns management focuses specifically on how a business will manage returns within the reverse logistics supply chain. This is what Fulfyld helps businesses to accomplish.

How do you handle customer returns?

Fulfyld offers several options for processing customer returns, including:

  • Direct refunds
  • Store credit
  • Returning the item to your store
  • Donating the item

The platform helps you process the customer’s request quickly, fulfill orders, and track returns.

How much time does it take to return items back?

Returns can take anywhere from 2-8 days to be shipped back to the warehouse. This is heavily dependent on the shipping speed selected. Fulfyld offers many options with varying costs and delivery time frames.

What to do with returned and damaged products?

There are many options when deciding what to do with returned products. In some cases, if the products can be salvaged, your 3PL can work with you to recondition and repackage the items so they can be sold again. In other cases, we can either donate, dispose or even destroy the returned items if they are not in sellable condition.

Can I control and track the returns process?

Fulfyld offers real-time tracking services for retailers, regardless of industry. Companies can see what’s happening with their product returns no matter where they are in the world. This gives you full control over your supply chain logistics.

How can we get started with Fulfyld returns processing?
It all starts by requesting a quote for our services. Request a quote and a member of our team will contact you to talk about our services. We’ll show you why Fulfyld’s returns processing service offers true value for money no matter your industry or line of business.
How to reduce returns?

To reduce returns, ensure high product quality and accurate product descriptions in your online listings. A reliable 3PL returns management service like Fulfyld can also help with analyzing return reasons and providing actionable insights for improvement.

How are different return types managed?

At Fulfyld, we manage different return types by categorizing and processing them appropriately in our 3PL return warehouse. 

This includes assessing the condition of returned items, deciding on restocking, refurbishing, or discarding, and managing all associated communications.

Can I speed up the return process?

Yes, partnering with Fulfyld can expedite your return process. Our returns management services are designed to streamline and accelerate the handling of returned goods, from receipt at our fulfillment center returns to restocking or disposal.

What are the challenges of return management?

Return management can be complex due to varying return reasons, product conditions, and customer expectations. 

Challenges include processing returned items quickly, determining product salvageability, managing refunds or exchanges, and analyzing return data to reduce future returns. 

Fulfyld’s comprehensive 3PL returns management service is designed to tackle these challenges head-on.

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