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E-commerce Channels: Diversifying for Success

A healthy mix of e-commerce channels is vital for every online business. Diversifying your online sales channels allows you to reduce volatility and risk while maximizing profit. You’ll need to watch out for over-diversification, however, as that can reduce efficiency and eat into profit margins.

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E-commerce Websites: The Industry Giants

The internet’s a crowded place for typical e-commerce websites. In addition to selling products from your own website, you can choose to partner with one of the many behemoths of e-commerce. But what are the pros and cons of such an arrangement? Should you consider

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E-commerce Analytics in Shopify

If you’re one of the over one million merchants who do business through the Shopify platform, you’ll want to take advantage of their analytics platform. Offering a highly customizable and powerful suite of analytics options, e-commerce analytics in Shopify are deeply and seamlessly integrated into

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Google Analytics for E-commerce

We’d strongly suggest every e-commerce store owner become familiar with Google Analytics at some point. Even if you use another piece of software as a substitute for, or to interpret, Google Analytics, there’s a good chance that you could find tremendous utility in this versatile,

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E-commerce Web Analytics

E-commerce web analytics refers to a collection of tools, techniques, and disciplines you can use to segment and analyze the web traffic that flows into, and out of, your e-commerce website. While the subject-matter is a dizzyingly large one, the basic principles that underlie it

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E-commerce Analytics Tools

It can seem like there are a million and one e-commerce analytics tools available on the market, all vying for your time, money, and attention. While they all set out to do more or less the same thing, they do so in very different ways.

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