6 Benefits of a Dedicated Account Manager

E-Commerce Fulfillment Account Managers: What does an account manager do? Are they necessary? The short answer is yes. Account managers are the direct link to ensuring a company’s orders are accurately fulfilled.

As your company continues to grow, a dedicated account manager is an essential need to your order fulfillment process. Account managers are basically the liaison to your order fulfillment success. They help you maneuver and navigate order fulfillment so that things run smoothly, and your customers are happily satisfied.

At Fulfyld, we are committed to helping you grow. We partner you with a dedicated account manager to provide immeasurable support through every step of the supply chain.

Here are several benefits to having an account manager:

Direct POC and Accessibility

One of the greatest benefits of an account manager that is dedicated to your company, is having a direct, single point of contact for all of the questions and needs you may have. Gone are the days of calling a general phone number and speaking to several different customer service representatives, having to explain your issues or needs to each rep who is not familiar with your account. At Fulfyld, we provide you full accessibility to your account manager with their personal cell phone and office numbers as well as an email address to contact them at any time. This allows you to build a good personal relationship to ensure your company runs efficiently.

You will basically have a direct line for any questions or concerns you can think of, and if the account managers don’t personally have the answers, they will reach out to another member of our team to easily find a resolution to your inquiry. If your account manager happens to be unavailable due to an emergency, no worries. We have equipped each account manager with a backup that is able to temporarily handle all customer matters to make sure your needs are still met in a prompt manner.

Good Knowledge of Processes and Requirements

Each account manager has extreme expertise in the industry and is equipped to answer any questions you may have. Account managers have a good knowledge base of packaging requirements and fulfillment processing. They are also committed to learning our customers’ businesses inside and out to become well-informed of every specific detail within the accounts they manage. This helps to be able to point out any potential information that a customer may not be aware of.

Account managers thoroughly monitor your account and respond promptly with solutions when things may go left. They familiarize themselves with your product to guarantee that you and your customers’ needs are met. This personalized approach reduces any errors and ultimately establishes satisfied customers.

A few ways that our account managers help your fulfillment services:

  • Understands your company’s goals, needs and priorities
  • Provides strategic expertise to improve your processing and distribution
  • Thoroughly communicates and responds to your needs promptly
  • Makes sure our fulfillment teams pick, pack and ship your orders to your personal standards

We believe in solid communication at Fulfyld. An advantage to dedicated fulfillment is that we also provide you with detailed reports in regard to your inventory, performance and shipping.

Assistance in Setting Up Accounts

If you are not familiar with setting up new accounts with fulfillment centers, it can be quite confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. Your personal account manager will provide assistance and support for every step of the onboarding process. We walk you through getting set up and offer as much self-service as you need. Our goal is to make this as easy as possible for you so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Personal ecommerce fulfillment is important to us. We believe that since every company’s ecommerce fulfillment approach is different, our fulfillment account management approach should be too. We take a different approach to providing effective support to each of our customers by specializing in their diverse needs and wants. Your account manager will offer consistent, ongoing communication to help you navigate order fulfillment and ensure success for your company.

If you have any concerns, questions or ideas, you can personally reach out to your account manager by phone or email. Whether your questions seem big or small, they can answer them all!

Improves Customer Satisfaction

A good account manager will ultimately improve your customer satisfaction. Quickly responding to customers, monitoring and frequently updating our order fulfillment systems and ensuring on-time order delivery are just a few ways that can improve customer satisfaction. Account managers play a pivotal role in your fulfillment process and when your customers are satisfied, this will generate customer loyalty and in turn, grow your company.

Increases Revenue

By improving your customer satisfaction, customers are more inclined to continue ordering your products, which will sequentially increase your revenue. Training our team to fulfill your orders based upon the specific needs of your company (including marketing material), accurately fulfilling your orders and delivering your products on time are just a few ways that Fulfyld can increase your revenue in the long run. Our account managers go the extra mile to make sure that our clients’ needs are met, which will further the success of both companies.

Builds a Long-term Relationship

Your account manager is devoted to learning the ins and outs of your business to be able to know your needs better than you do. They invest their time and effort into learning everything they need to know about your account to make sure your company succeeds as it pertains to order fulfillment.

By building a personal relationship, this allows your account manager to become well-informed of the details of your account. They are able to identify any problems or concerns that may arise and also offer creative solutions to improve your order fulfillment process.

At Fulfyld, we truly value each of our relationships with our clients. We aim to tackle any order fulfillment inquiries you may have to further your success as a company. Take action and let’s get you set up with one of our dedicated account managers today.

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