How Fulfyld is Handling Covid-19

2020 has been quite interesting to say the least. Most, if not all industries have been impacted by Covid-19 in some way, and this includes e-commerce fulfillment. Due to the initial stay at-home orders issued across the country, you can imagine how online shopping has spiked during this time. The massive increase in online shoppers has caused e-commerce fulfillment centers like Fulfyld to make some serious shifts and adjust to our ‘new normal’ rather quickly amidst the pandemic. Here is how we are handling Covid-19 as a company:  

Flexibility and Communication 

Flexibility and communication have been two of the most important factors during the pandemic. Flexibility from our customers as well as our employees has been key to simplifying production and making sure that fulfillment can continue on as normal. 3PLs have been at the mercy of carriers during this time; however, with frequent, open communication this has made the process a little easier to deal with. We have put specific systems and procedures in place as it pertains to fulfillment to keep our customers’ products shipped in a timely manner. We are also in constant communication with our customers to ensure that they are aware of any operational updates that take place. The saying, “communication is key,” is more significant now than ever!  

Abiding by Federal, State and Local Protocol  

Covid-19 has literally shifted the entire landscape of logistics and 3PL operations. We are taking serious precautions and making sure to continually update ourselves on the federal, state and local protocols, such as face mask mandates, to ensure we are remaining compliant to all guidelines.  

We have increased the cleaning of commonly touched places and areas to protect our employees and prevent infection as best as we can. If an employee still happens to get sick, we  immediately require them to take a leave of absence until they are undoubtedly well and have a negative test result.  

Since the start of Covid-19, we have thoroughly communicated with our employees on a constant basis by providing trainings and meetings on worker health and safety to keep them informed and to help them feel safe at work.  

Fulfyld’s Personal Protocol  

As a company, we have gone a step further just to ensure the safety and health of our employees and our customers’ products. We have implemented our own protocol in addition to the government, to remain safe.  

These guidelines include:  

  • It is mandatory that every employee wears a mask throughout the building. There are numerous signs throughout the facility reminding employees to wear their masks.   
  • Our break room is socially distanced by providing chairs at opposites ends of the tables only.  
  • Employees only have the option of taking their masks off when they are on breaks and/or eating.  
  • Our assembly line wears masks at all times. This includes employees that pick, pack and ship products.  
  • Supplies, equipment and high traffic areas (such as bathrooms, offices, common areas, etc.) are cleaned and disinfected regularly. 
  • Each of our packing stations are ten feet across from each other, and 6 feet in front of each other to ensure all employees are socially distanced throughout the fulfillment center.  
  • Several sanitizers and wipes are located all throughout the warehouse, including at each pack station.  

We have a very secure facility and have limited the number of visitors that can enter the building. If a person visits the office, we have a visitor’s log for outsiders, to track who is coming in and out of the building.  

We have also switched the way we do catered lunches for our staff. While we used to do buffet style when we catered our office lunch, we now serve individually wrapped lunch boxes to each employee to ensure we are continuing to socially distance ourselves while maintaining our fun, family-oriented culture. 

As always, Fulfyld is ready to answer any questions you may have when it comes to e-commerce fulfillment and the safety of your products. Contact us today and learn how you can have your products safely and quickly sent to your customers!  

We hope you enjoy reading our blog!

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