What standard packaging types are included with my Fulfyld rate card?

As part of Fulfyld’s flat-rate pricing for fulfillment services, we provide standard packaging materials at no extra cost. These materials include: a standard, unbranded box, tape, filling, order invoice slip and a shipping label with tracking.

We also don’t charge for the inclusion of inserts or marketing materials in your customers’ orders. For every step in your supply chain, you can rest assured that Fulfyld will get the job done in a safe, efficient, and timely manner.

Additionally, if you would like to amp up your customer’s unboxing experience, we offer custom packaging to set your product apart. Not only do we offer custom packaging, we can also assist with the custom packaging design process. So, if you want custom packaging but don’t know where to start, no worries. Our in-house packaging designer can work with you to create unique packaging materials for your customer.

See our standard packaging offerings below:

 (Inches)Dim Weight
TypeLWHFedEx Smart PostFedex HDUSPS PMFedex SO
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)4441111
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)5551111
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)6441111
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)6531111
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)6642111
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)6662222
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)7552121
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)7752222
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)7773232
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)8441111
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)8642121
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)8663222
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)8842222
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)8863232
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)8884343
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)9642222
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)9663222
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)9943222
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)9964333
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)9996454
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)10442111
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)10642222
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)10663232
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)10843222
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)10864333
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)10885444
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)101065444
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)1010108676
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)12442121
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)12643222
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)12664333
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)12843232
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)12865343
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)12886454
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)12944333
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)12965444
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)12997565
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)121066454
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)121087565
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)1210109787
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)121245343
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)121267565
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)14664343
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)141067565
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)141089676
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)161067565
Box (Lightweight 32 ECT)24667565
Bubble-Lined Poly Mailer105N/A1111
Bubble-Lined Poly Mailer106N/A1111
Bubble-Lined Poly Mailer127N/A2121
Bubble-Lined Poly Mailer128N/A2121
Bubble-Lined Poly Mailer148N/A2222
Bubble-Lined Poly Mailer149N/A22222
Bubble-Lined Poly Mailer1610N/A3222
Bubble-Lined Poly Mailer1912N/A4333
Tear-Proof Polyethylene Mailers96N/A1111
Tear-Proof Polyethylene Mailers107N/A2111
Tear-Proof Polyethylene Mailers129N/A2222
Tear-Proof Polyethylene Mailers1310N/A2222
Tear-Proof Polyethylene Mailers1512N/A3232
Tear-Proof Polyethylene Mailers1714N/A4333

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