Kitting vs. Bundling

What is the difference between kitting and bundling?

Kitting is the process of packing separate but related items, then supplying them as one unit. The kit itself then becomes 1 SKU.

The key with kitting is that not all the items in a kit can be sold individually. For example, the kit may require a special box and promotional insert. These items have their own SKU number that populates in our software however they cannot be purchased independently by consumers.

Clients typically have specific instructions on how kits should be arranged and assembled.

  • An example of kitting is when the client provides Fulfyld with a unique box, promotional insert, and specific instructions for how to package their product. When a consumer orders a package that requires kitting, our warehouse team will receive a packing slip with each piece of the kit listed as a separate SKU. In Figure 1.1 below the 4 SKUs needed to make the kit are: the box, the insert, the product base, and the column. These SKUs together on the packing slip communicates to our warehouse team that this item is a kit.

Figure 1.1 shows how the separate and related SKUs are packaged to create a kit.

KB screenshot

Figure 1.2 shows a second example of kitting with a different client. Note, the unique box, the plastic casing, and the insert.

KB screenshot 2

Bundling is the process of packing individually separate items and supplying them as one unit. The bundle itself then becomes 1 SKU.

It is important to note that each SKU, in the bundle, can be sold individually. Bundling does not require special boxes, promotional inserts, or other similar items.

Since bundling only requires putting previously established products together in a box, clients typically do not have packing requirements, unlike kits.

  • An example of bundling is if a consumer purchased 2 kits together. Since each kit can be sold individually the packing of these items together is considered a bundle.

Figure 1.3 shows 2 kits packaged together, in a bundle.

KB screenshot 3

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